Zach Bloomquist

Xbox 360 Gamertag API now on AppSpot, JSONP, HTTPS

Hey guys,

Recently, I’ve made some updates to the Xbox 360 Gamertag API. I’ve rewritten it in Python (source code on GitHub) and deployed it on Google’s App Engine. The output format has remained the same.

The new Python code is also JSONP compliant. You can specify an optional “callback” parameter in your request in order to receive the output with a callback wrapped around it. Ex:

HTTPS support has been added for you security nuts out there.

  • HTTPS endpoint:
  • HTTP endpoint:

The move to Google App Engine ensures 100% uptime for the API, so your web apps never have to suffer if my server goes down (as it has been known to do).

If you are already using the API, you should not notice any changes outside of increased stability.

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