Zach Bloomquist

Builder, hacker, human robot.
Me and Zelda

Me and my favorite cat (don't tell the others)

About Me

Hi, I'm Zach. I'm an Atlanta-based software engineer with extensive experience in developing Node.js applications. I enjoy working with a wide variety of technologies, and I especially love contributing to open source software.

When I'm not writin' codes, you can find me biking around the city, trying to cook something new, or playing with the best cats ever.

Previously, I helped build the Cypress Test Runner, an open-source, cross-platform, cross-browser web application testing framework built in Electron. I led the collaborative API design and implementation process for the novel cy.intercept() API, which allows users to intercept and assert on HTTP requests and responses in real time. This was a multi-year effort that redefined how Cypress users test their applications. I was also responsible for maintaining and extending the code used to automate Chrome, Firefox, and WebKit browsers. And a lot more!

You may know me from my work on the Snoonet IRC Network, where I am a founding member. I also have a wide assortment of open source projects and contributions.